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Peace has countless facets. Every one of us can give it their very own voice: Your Voice for Peace.

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Alexander Chylek, PEACE300-Initiator"Peace needs Space. Space within my heart, space within my thoughts and feelings, space in my life! Since long ago we have been part of this great space the universe is offering us. But do I feel this spaciousness within me? Am I part of this peaceful, all-encompassing expanse, too? Yes. But it requires my conscious choice.”*

*Quote by Alexander Chylek

Ingolf Turban“Obviously two people are required for conflict. For Peace, just one! When a discordant person is left alone he is rendered harmless and maybe then will be open to Peace.
Two individuals are required for discord but only one for Peace. Therefore I conclude: It takes half the effort to live in Peace as it takes to live in conflict.”*

*Quote by Prof. Ingolf Turban

Jens Lehrich“PEACE is the result of true happiness (involving the word “Peace” in German). Only truly happy human beings can – from within themselves - strengthen the World Peace without. Our own attitude towards the beauty of life plays a significant role in this. Whoever meets the world with mindfulness and thankfulness, strengthens Peace and emanates this into their environment. It’s like a little stone triggering big circles of ripples on the water. We are all ultimately connected. Every little action always has an effect on the greater whole as well.”*

*Quote by Jens Lehrich

Ilona Stengel“If we take the time and find the calmness to look within us, we can recognize and acknowledge ourselves. We can see that within our actions, we always have the freedom to decide ourselves. In this way (inner) Peace arises from SELF-EMPOWERMENT.”*

*Quote by Ilona Stengel

Dennis Hack“Life is too wonderful to stand still in view of things that go wrong. If we realize we have lost the belief in a better world, we also should realize what kind of an alternative we have without a suitable spacecraft.”*

*Quote by Dennis Hack

Gabriele Kärcher“Peace can only exist, if we leave our own perspective, and imagine the world as it appears from the perspective of our counterpart. Whether the neighbour in the same street, or the human being on the other side of the world – everyone has his own story, his imprint, his paradigms. We should spend more time thinking about what connects us and less about what keeps us separate. I believe the separating element is being imposed on us. The connecting element is so much more powerful, because it comes from within ourselves.”*

*Quote by Gabriele Kärcher

Ute & Oliver Wünsche“The struggle for Peace and inner happiness begins again and again each and every day. Both on the small and large scale.
What we deem crucial for our own happiness, is to find Peace in small things – and maintain it. With children, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the letter carrier or stranger. At the grocery store in line at a crowded checkout, in a traffic jam, when you are pressed for time, at a parents’ evening at your childrens’ school or at dinner with friends when the state of the nation is yet again being discussed.
We are being tested every day, to live and protect our happiness and inner Peace. That’s why PEACE300 is a very nice initiative, highlighting precisely that.”*

*Quote by Ute & Oliver Wünsche

Ben Hadamovsky“Beautiful project; beautiful impulse. We’re so many! In diverse places. My contribution to the site? Maybe this much:
If someone starts to break through the omnipresent fight for prices, market shares, advantages, winning or losing in our society by saying: “You decide what my being and doing is worth to you”, a surprising moment of freedom arises again and again. Often along with a little scare: “Oh, now it’s up to me to decide what you get...”
Suddenly people are no longer just with themselves, their survival and their advantage, but pose the question about the needs of their counterpart. An admittedly still unusual exercise in today’s business life.”*

*Quote by Ben Hadamovsky

Cedric Stein“In a complex world there are no simple truths. But there are simple things every single one can do to come across a complex answer. To pursue their own path - and in doing that: remain honest with oneself.
Utilize what makes us human. Your heart, your mind and your creativity to bring things into being.”*

*Quote by Cedric Stein
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